Punch First Group Study Bundle (10 Pack)


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Are you looking to lead a group bible study? This Punch First Group Study Bundle (10 Pack) gives you 10 ‘Punch Firstfor only $100.00 ($10.00 each).

This 21-day guide will give readers spiritual confidence and tools to detangle their thoughts and actions from an unbiblical strategy, and in truth, advance powerfully against the Enemy’s plans to disrupt their lives.

In this journal companion to Throw the First Punch: Defeating the Enemy Hell-Bent on Your Destruction, Beth Guckenberger offers a 21-day guide to fighting the Devil through COMBAT:

  • C: Confess your sins
  • O: Observe which tactic
  • M: Measure the impact
  • B: Believe the Bible
  • A: Aim your fist
  • T: Throw the first punch

With exercises and worksheets to unpack the intersection of our daily lives with the spiritual realm, this proven system provides a strategy to take control and advance God’s kingdom against the Enemy’s plans.





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