Throw the First Punch Group Study Bundle (10 pack)


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Are you looking to lead a group bible study? The Throw the First Punch Group Study Bundle (10 Pack) gives you 10 ‘Throw the First Punch‘ for only $150.00 ($15.00 each).

In this modern-day collection of our enemy’s activities, learn to anticipate how Satan will attack and discern powerful techniques to preemptively fight against him.

Learn to fight against the Devil.

Through biblical examples and engaging stories from Beth Guckenberger’s own life experiences, become equipped and encouraged to battle Satan with boldness and wisdom. Throw the First Punch will teach readers how to fight by:

  • Anticipating how Satan will attack spiritually, emotionally, and physically
  • Discerning specific techniques to preemptively fight against the Enemy
  • Understanding the limitations God has placed on the Enemy
  • Confidently engaging the power they have as co-heirs with Christ

This resource teaches readers to draw up a spiritual combat plan and be prepared to enter into the battles of everyday life. Live in the power and freedom God created for you, and throw the first punch!


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