Reckless Faith 40-Day Challenge

What is the 40-Day Faith challenge?

You are invited on a 40 Day Faith Challenge as we experience God’s  presence together. The prophet Malachi shares God’s heart for sacrifice and generosity and in response promises He will open the floodgates of heaven! For 40 days we are going to say yes to God, and expect to see His blessing poured out in our lives! 

What does it mean to say “yes” to God?

Our yes + God’s power= incredible faith stories. God loves to save the saint in over their head! We are going to ask Him for more of all we need in our lives (peace, joy, capacity, wisdom, meaning, discernment, patience, etc…) and watch as He pours Himself into us. As a willing vessel, we will put God on display as we step out in faith together. 

How do I participate?

We will officially gather on Zoom to begin our 40 Day faith journey on February 18, 2021.  There will be weekly virtually gatherings (ThursdayS from 7:30p-8p EST) ending on April 1st. You will receive your Zoom information a couple days before February 18th. Sign up below for more information on how to join us (it’s free!) 

If I sign up, will someone be following up with me to make sure I’m keeping up?

Nope! This step of faith is between you and God.  We will send you encouragement, Scripture and will pray for each of you as you listen and grow during these forty days. 

Do I need the 40 Day Devotional to participate?

You do not need a copy of the 40 Day Devotional to participate in the weekly gatherings, although it would enhance your experience. If you decide to buy the book, you can do so HERE. Use code “LENT” or “LENTDIGITAL” for $5 off.