Presence Matters: A 40-Day Journey Into The Relationship Between Faith, Science & Trauma


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Join a movement of safe adults looking to be empowered and equipped through trauma-informed care. Learn through real-life examples, Scripture, bite-sized trauma principles, and questions for personal or group reflection.

God is calling us to engage in His healing work — rebuilding, restoring, reconciling, and entering into the lives of vulnerable children as a safe presence. This resource will unpack spiritual principles and scientific findings on the topic of trauma. Compiled by a team of dedicated practitioners, these are actual examples of how wise interventions turned stories around. A perfect gift for anyone who connects with children with a trauma background — classroom teacher, foster parent, coach, neighbor, volunteer, or grandparent — these insights will equip adults with practical tools and wisdom.

Chapters cover relationships, the past, our felt needs, regulation, feeling safe, the relationship between connection and correction, and the power of presence. What is our role in healing? How do our own histories factor into our interactions with children? What do we do with feelings triggered by someone else’s behavior? What are the first steps we can take when a child is melting down? Find the answers to these and other questions as you learn the rhythm of a trauma-informed life.

About the Author

Beth Guckenberger is the author of thirteen books including adult and children’s titles. She speaks regularly at conferences, youth gatherings, and church services using storytelling and drawing from her field experience as a missionary, Bible teacher, and parent. Beth and her husband serve as co executive directors of Back2Back Ministries.


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