Throw the First Punch – Group Study Bundle (10-pack)


Lead a powerful group Bible study with the Throw the First Punch Group Study Bundle (10 Pack). This bundle includes 10 copies of Throw the First Punch for only $150.00 ($15.00 each), providing modern-day examples of how Satan attacks us and how we can preemptively fight back.

Through engaging stories and biblical examples, Beth Guckenberger’s book teaches readers how to anticipate spiritual, emotional, and physical attacks from Satan and how to confidently engage in battle. You’ll learn specific techniques to fight against the Enemy and discover the limitations God has placed on him. With the Throw the First Punch Group Study Bundle, you’ll have everything needed to lead your group through a powerful journey of spiritual combat planning and equip them with the tools to live in the full power and freedom God created for them. Get your bundle today and start throwing the first punch against Satan!


In this modern-day collection of our enemy’s activities, learn to anticipate how Satan will attack and discern powerful techniques to preemptively fight against him.

Learn to fight against the Devil.

Through biblical examples and engaging stories from Beth Guckenberger’s own life experiences, become equipped and encouraged to battle Satan with boldness and wisdom. Throw the First Punch will teach readers how to fight by:

  • Anticipating how Satan will attack spiritually, emotionally, and physically
  • Discerning specific techniques to preemptively fight against the Enemy
  • Understanding the limitations God has placed on the Enemy
  • Confidently engaging the power they have as co-heirs with Christ

This resource teaches readers to draw up a spiritual combat plan and be prepared to enter into the battles of everyday life. Live in the power and freedom God created for you, and throw the first punch!

Editorial Reviews

“The way Beth tells stories and addresses spiritual warfare in a fun and approachable manner makes Throw the First Punch a meaningful read. She helps us see kingdom truths for their upside-downness—we are more powerful than we know and more loved than we can imagine. The idea of punching our enemy first? Game changer.” ― Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author of Love Does, Everybody Always, and Dream Big

“Like an Olympic-wrestler-turned-coach, Beth Guckenberger offers us not only a compelling vision but also hands-on guidance in the critical practices and posture, grips and maneuvers of a vibrant spiritual life. I’ve seen firsthand: Beth lives what she teaches. This is no abstract treatise. It is a field guide for a life of holy combat.” ― Jedd Medefind, president of Christian Alliance for Orphans

“I have always appreciated Beth’s spiritually aggressive posture. Her personal history of making bold, loving moves is an inspiring model for us all to follow. Throw the First Punch is raw and real, sharing Beth’s cautionary tales and personal victories. We need more practical battle plans like this. Highly recommend!” ― Brian Tome, founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church

“For the believer in Jesus who wants wisdom for standing strong (and long) in the battle, this is for you. Beth comes alongside the reader in truthful love to equip you to endure and go on the offensive. Through its engaging stories, deep exploration of Scripture, and practical applications, this book will equip you to throw the first punch!” ― Michayla White, executive director of INCM

About the Author

Beth Guckenberger is the author of thirteen books including adult and children’s titles. She speaks regularly at conferences, youth gatherings, and church services using storytelling and drawing from her field experience as a missionary, Bible teacher, and parent. Beth and her husband serve as co executive directors of Back2Back Ministries.


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