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Dear Fellow Reader,

I am delighted to offer these guided resources to help you fight your spiritual battles with boldness and wisdom. Welcome to the Summer 2023 Book Club journey, where I encourage you to stay connected with each other and the Lord. Together, we’ll ask questions, have meaningful conversations and share the ways we are learning to fight our spiritual enemy.

Through “Throw the First Punch,” my prayer is you’ll be equipped, encouraged, and inspired to live in the power and freedom God has for you. Remember, you’re not alone! This community is here to support you as you grow and deepen your relationship with God. If you get your people together, let me know below and I’ll Zoom in to say hi to your gathering. 

Once again, thank you for choosing “Throw the First Punch” as your companion on this transformative journey.

Discussion Guides ?

Small Group Video Series ??

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Punch First Podcast ???

This audio podcast version of Beth’s 21-day guide will empower listeners with spiritual confidence and provide them with tools to detangle their thoughts and actions from an biblical strategy.

With the purchase of 10 books or more, Beth will Zoom in to greet your group.

To schedule please contact Jenna Ghizas at [email protected]

Need More Books? ??? ?

Summer Book Club Sale
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This promo code will be valid from 5/15 to 5/31.

This book club runs from June through August 2023

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