Christmas Card Conversations

Updated June 24, 2023

I love a good dinner table conversation and this year at Christmas, I want to steer the banter to what we’ve been given, not what we have lost. I like hearing my family’s reflections and funny stories.  It’s a natural way to include anybody celebrating with you, regardless of how in touch you’ve stayed or how old they are!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. I place a card at every plate (free downloadable below.)
  2. Someone needs to volunteer to start, and they pick someone to ask the question that’s in front of them. After that person answers, the asker is welcome to answer it as well. Usually, there’s some commentary offered by other guests, and the conversation is off and running.
  3. Then the person who was asked picks up their card and chooses someone new to ask, and the whole pattern is repeated.
  4. By the end, the table is conversant, everyone included and the topics covered are uplifting and not divisive.

I’ve attached the cards I will be using this Christmas year at my table.

Hope you enjoy, 


About Author

Beth Guckenberger is the Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and founder of the Reckless Faith Movement. Beth and Todd have a large family they’ve formed through biological, foster, and adoptive children. She is an author and speaker, sharing her experience as a mother, a missionary, and a student of God’s Word.