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The Simple Reasons Why Prayer Strengthens My Faith.

Updated June 24, 2023
Reasons Why Prayer Strengthens My Faith

I speak with God during high and low times. Prayer keeps my relationship with Him dynamic and increases my belief in His power and sovereignty. Today, I am going to share with you the simple reasons why prayer strengthens my faith, every time.

Inviting God into the details of life is a normal rhythm for me. I speak to Him through my spirit (it literally feels like leaning in) and also with my words. This ongoing conversation ties me to Him, reminding me He is always willing to provide guidance once I reach out to Him.

The first reason why prayer strengthens my faith: When it leads to placing my trust in the Father instead of myself.

There are a million ways my days can get hijacked. Sometimes it’s logistics (a car breaks down, a volunteer can’t make it, a child gets sick, a plane is late, the list goes on and on…) When I want to be frustrated or worry, I whisper “Amen” and it feels like an invitation I am making to God to enter into my chaos with His shalom. He’s been essentially telling us since Moses to make room for Him, build Him a tabernacle, and He will fill it. 

Prayer makes a spiritual space in my heart and mind for my own sin and negative emotions to be reined under the control of my spiritual Father. 

This means I ask less for a specific result (Can you make this medical test negative? Can you help me…?  Will you fix this…?) and instead, I am asking for a specific outcome (Can you make me more like you? Will you show me what you have for me in this? Will you help me see how I am to partner with you in this relationship?)  

The result of this kind of prayer is a rapport with God. He’s not a genie in a bottle, or even a faraway Creator I am in awe of, but is more an intimate guide throughout the day, who knows what’s coming and has something for me in it. Whatever it is on that day. 

Any and every financial/relational/emotional challenge I face is manageable when I pray. Talking to God releases me from the burden and when I open my eyes, I feel instantly lighter. 

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The second reason why prayer strengthens my faith: God passes with flying colors whenever I put Him to the test.

Each answered prayer reinforces my faith. I trust anything I take to Him is already resolved (or is under His control.)  It helps me ask less for results, and trust more for direction. Wherever we are headed, Lord, be my Guide.  Additional Reading >> How Getting Lost Led Me Home

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I know when my prayers are answered?
  2. How much of my prayer time is dedicated to giving thanks?
  3. What are some of the blessings that appear through my faith in God?

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Beth Guckenberger is the Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and founder of the Reckless Faith Movement. Beth and Todd have a large family they’ve formed through biological, foster, and adoptive children. She is an author and speaker, sharing her experience as a mother, a missionary, and a student of God’s Word.