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There’s a reason you’ve always known God has big plans for you—He’s created you with great purpose.

In this transformative, biblically based book, Beth Guckenberger draws on God’s original intention for women to embolden us to use our gifts as full participants at church, at work, and at home. Warrior of Eden explores twenty-seven thought-provoking questions, such as:

  • What does “suitable helper” in Genesis 2 really mean?
  • Are we made in the image of a male God?
  • How did the early church treat women?
  • When have I joined men in battle, and when have I picked one instead?
  • Why is the church lagging in this conversation instead of leading?

With reflection questions and journal prompts, Warrior of Eden reminds us that God directly empowers women to do His work—not because one gender is superior, but because we’re each worthy of His calling.


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