Punch First Book

Defeating the Enemy Hell-Bent on Your Destruction. 

By Beth Guckenberger

In This Book, You Will: 

In this modern-day collection of our Enemy’s activities, learn to anticipate how Satan will attack and discern powerful techniques to preemptively fight against him. 

Through biblical examples and engaging stories, author Beth Guckenberger shares how we can be equipped and encouraged to battle Satan with wisdom and boldness.

If God is asking me to engage, He’ll strengthen me for the task.

Beth Guckenberger

BONUS! Punch First: 

A 21-Day COMBAT Guide to Playing Spiritual Offense

In this journal companion to Throw the First PunchDefeating the Enemy Hell-Bent on Your Destruction, Beth Guckenberger offers a 21-day guide to fighting the Devil through COMBAT.

  • Enter into the spiritual battle prepared: This guide will give you spiritual confidence and tools to detangle your thoughts and actions from an unbiblical strategy, and in truth, advance powerfully against the Enemy’s plans to disrupt your life.
  • Everything is spiritual: Get a clear, directed plan to uncover the Enemy’s tactics and partner with God to experience victory in spiritual warfare.
  • You can create a COMBAT plan: Learn about the COMBAT method and plan a preventative attack against Satan for the next battle.

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Podcasts / Spiritual Warfare

Episode 11: He wants me ignorant of the Holy Spirit’s power and self-absorbed.

Day 11: What Does the Enemy Want? He wants me ignorant of the Holy Spirit’s power and self-absorbed. – Beth and Todd discuss exciting family news and the ways we all hope for the best for our kids. Hear the connection Beth made between an electronic bike and Holy Spirit power.

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