Thanksgiving 2020: Spark Inspiring Conversation With This New Family Tradition

Updated June 24, 2023

Steer the banter to what we’ve been given, not what we have lost.

I love a good dinner table conversation and this year for Thanksgiving, I want to inspire good conversation and steer the banter to what we’ve been given, not what we have lost.

If you are anything like me I like hearing about my family’s reflections and funny stories. So, a few years ago I decided to start a new family tradition; Conversation Cards!

Each year I put together this fun little activity using conversation cards to not only brings us together, through meaningful conversation; but, actually closes the door at the chance to cause a divide.

Here’s How We Do It!

Materials Needed

  • Question Cards – Make Your Own or Download a FREE Printable PDF below!
  • Any additional stationary/craft materials you want to customize the look and feel of your question cards.

How To Set Up

I place a card at every table. Sometimes I put it on the plate, sometimes I use place holders, however, I can creatively display the question, is what counts!

How To Begin

Ask For a Volunteer

Someone needs to volunteer to get things started and be the first to answer a question. The volunteer will begin by choosing anyone else with a card in front of them to read aloud the question written on their card.

The person that volunteered to go first will answer the question, followed by the person whom they selected to ask the question. Usually, there’s some commentary offered by other guests and the conversation is off and running. Allow a few minutes of conversation about the person’s response, and then time to pass on to the next person.

How To Continue

When the person who is asked to answer a question has finished, they will then pick up their card to read out loud and choose someone new to answer it. The whole pattern is then repeated.

The Goal

By the end, the table is conversant, every family member is included and the topics covered are uplifting and not- divisive.

Need Help With Card Ideas?

Click below to download a PDF with the question cards I will be using at my table to spark great conversation this Thanksgiving.

Hope you enjoy,  


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Beth Guckenberger is the Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and founder of the Reckless Faith Movement. Beth and Todd have a large family they’ve formed through biological, foster, and adoptive children. She is an author and speaker, sharing her experience as a mother, a missionary, and a student of God’s Word.